Managing my loan

How often can I make mortgage repayments?

Your scheduled mortgage repayments can be fortnightly or monthly. For Interest only loans scheduled repayments must be made monthly. You can choose to make payments more regularly than what is stated in your loan contract or make additional payments. Additional payments on a fixed rate loan in excess of $10,000 in a one year period may incur break costs.

Can I repay my loan early?

You can use the internet or phone banking to access your account so you can check balances, make additional repayments, redraw funds or review transactions. In the event that your loan is fully repaid within five (5) years from the settlement date you may be liable for deferred establishment fees. Refer to your individual loan contract. If you have a fixed rate loan and you repay the loan prior to the end of the term you may be liable for break costs.

What is the difference between fixed and variable rates?

The difference between fixed and variable rates is that variable rates are subject to change at any time which will effect your fortnightly or monthly repayments. Fixed rates do not change for the duration it has been fixed. This means that your repayments will stay the same for the period you have 'fixed' your loan for. Please note you can fix your loan for a maximum period of 5 years.

What is redraw?

Redraw is a feature, which allows you to withdraw the extra money you've paid into your home loan. That is, the extra money you have paid in addition to your scheduled repayments. You can use the internet or a touch-tone phone to access your account so you can check balances, make additional repayments, redraw funds or review transactions.

Is redraw available on home loans?

A Redraw facility is available on all our home loan products (with no minimum redraw amount and no redraw fees), with the exception of fixed rate loans during the fixed rate period and the construction loan until it rolls over to another product.

How can I access redraw?

Log into Online Banking - click on 'redraw' under 'my finances' or phone your Mortgage Manager. You will need your client code and access code in both cases.

How often can I redraw?

You can redraw as often as you like, as long as you have made additional repayments over and above your scheduled repayments.

How is interest calculated?

Interest is calculated on the daily outstanding balance of your loan. You can reduce the interest payable by making extra repayments or depositing additional funds into your loan account to reduce your balance. You may be able to redraw these funds as and when you need them.

What's an interest only home loan?

An Interest Only Loan means that for a period of up to five years your repayments only cover the interest payable on the loan. At the end of this period you will still owe the full amount you borrowed. The advantage is that the repayments are minimised during this period. This loan is ideal for people who are borrowing for investment purposes.

Is BPAY available on home loans?

BPAY ® is available on all loans except construction and fixed rate loans. ® Registered to BPAY Pty Limited ABN 69 079 137 518

What is a Customer Reference Number (CRN)?

A Customer Reference Number, or CRN, is a unique number that is allocated to a bill in order for the Biller to identify the account that is to be paid. Your Customer Reference Number can be located near the BPAY logo on your bill.

Why does my Customer Reference Number (CRN) change each month on some bills but not others?

To help track your bill payments, a number of Billers who list BPAY as a payment option have Customer Reference Numbers that are variable (i.e. they change with each bill). You should always check the CRN on your bill when making a payment to ensure it has not changed.

Why can’t I save my Customer Reference Number (CRN)?

Some Billers use variable Customer Reference Numbers (CRNs). If you have a Biller with a variable CRN, we will only save the Biller Code. You will need to refer to your current bill when making a payment to ensure the correct CRN is entered.

Why can’t I set up an automatic payment plan for my BPAY bills?

If you have a Biller with a variable Customer Reference Number, it will change for each bill, therefore automatic payments cannot be set up.

However, you can still schedule a one off payment for a future date. When making your payment from the ‘Pay a Bill’ screen, simply select ‘Schedule’ then enter the date you would like your bill to be paid.

Why won’t my BPAY payment go through?

The Biller may not have accepted your payment if:

  • The payment doesn’t match the bill amount or
  • The bill isn’t paid by the due date.

Note that if this happens to you, we’ll always let you know so you can arrange an alternative payment directly with the Biller

How can I borrow money against an existing property?

If you have available equity in your property you can access extra funds subject to meeting certain credit criteria. Contact your Mortgage Manager for more information.

What to do if your personal circumstances change?

Life is constantly changing and many customers change their loans according to their change in lifestyle. To increase your loan, change the structure of the loan, substitute your security and many other changes, call your Mortgage Manager and speak to a customer service officer.

What do I do if I am having difficulties meeting mortgage repayments?

If you have difficulties meeting your repayments call your Mortgage Manager (and request for the hardship officer) and they will talk with you through your circumstances and options available.

What happens if your co-purchaser defaults on his or her home loan payments?

When you buy a property together you become co-borrowers on the same mortgage, which means that each borrower is "jointly and severally liable" for the home loan. This means that the borrowers are each individually, and as a group, responsible for the whole amount borrowed.

How often will I receive a statement for my account?

For Line of Credit, Nil Interest Visa and construction loans, you will receive monthly statements. Term loan (Principal & Interest and Interest Only) statements are sent for the periods ending June and December.

How can I update my details?

You can change your direct debit amount by logging on to our online banking site under "amend direct debit". If you wish to change your name or date of birth or change your linked accounts you need to contact your Mortgage Manager. Alternatively just call your Mortgage Manager for assistance.

What documents are needed for a deceased estate?

Generally, an original certified copy of Probate, Death Certificate and a Letter of Direction signed by the Executor/ Administrator is required. Other documents may also be required, depending upon the type of account. Please call your Mortgage Manager for more details.

How do I keep my Visa Credit Card secure?

The security of your Visa Credit Card and PIN is very important. You should always keep your Visa Credit Card secure and must keep your PIN a secret.

Below are some security guidelines to remember:

  • Sign your Visa Credit Card as soon as you receive it;
  • Don’t disclose your PIN to anyone, including family and friends;
  • Check that you are still in possession of your Visa Credit Card on a regular basis

For more information refer to your Home Loan Terms and Conditions booklet or take a look at the links below to find out more.